YubiKeys Earn FIDO Certified Label

May 21, 2015 2 minute read

Interoperability is king and today the FIDO Alliance announced its FIDO Certified program and a list of 31 products that have passed conformance and interoperability testing.

The three YubiKeys that support FIDO’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol ­­– NEO, Edge and Security Key – are now certified and part of this important maturation in FIDO’s design.

“FIDO Certified” means that any FIDO U2F product earning that designation will work with any other U2F product that is certified. The same goes for FIDO’s UAF protocol. The two-step testing requires products survive a gauntlet of test tools that examine validation and conformance to FIDO 1.0 specifications. The second phase is interoperability testing among products at an event overseen by FIDO.

Certification brings a level of confidence to FIDO products that are quickly moving into deployment phases among consumers and enterprises alike. The Yubico strategy around U2F centers on having one key that will access many services secured by a proven public key cryptography design. We think certification is a concept fundamental to this goal.

Certification signals that the Alliance is building an ecosystem that not only protects the value Yubico builds into the YubiKey but the investment customers put into FIDO and its range of security products.

This certification program also helps non-FIDO members build products that preserve the pedigree of the FIDO brand, ensuring a plug-and-play environment.

We will update our website and packaging to highlight our FIDO Certified designation. And we will highlight our partners that have followed us down this necessary path and we will encourage enterprises and consumers to always buy FIDO Certified.

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