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Modern approaches to remote identity provisioning across civilian agencies

Learn how Yubico, ID.me and Entrust are working together to offer remote identity provisioning of strong authentication alternate credentials to civilian agencies


Strong authentication that supports zero trust initiatives

Learn the five key strong authentication best practices that can support your organization’s zero trust security initiatives


Apr 29, 2021

How will authentication standards evolve in 2021 and beyond?

Authentication standards development is like a slow-moving, winding river. It often takes years of dedicated work to reach new milestones, yet it feeds the entire security ecosystem and sustains digital workflow safety throughout the enterprise. While the benefits of this river are often invisible to the end-user, CISOs and developers are thinking about the river’s


Strong multi-factor authentication for first responders

How the YubiKey ensures secure, simple, and portable access for first responders to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) systems


Zero trust and the Critical Role for Strong Authentication

Learn what is strong authentication and why it is a critical part of Zero Trust.


MyID and YubiKey provide a managed strong authentication solution for U.S. health services provider

Healthcare provider uses YubiKeys + MyID to develop strong authentication at scale.


Doing the Math: Why strong authentication for every employee makes sense

By now, it’s an all-too-familiar routine… Step 1: Organization suffers an expensive and embarrassing security breach.  Step 2: Organization hastily introduces multi-factor authentication (or steps up its efforts to mandate its usage).  Oftentimes, it takes a breach to make organizations fully embrace strong authentication. But why? We know that usernames and passwords alone cannot provide sufficient security, and we know that SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) has been deprecated time


Best practices for strong authentication in healthcare using the YubiKey

Read the strong authentication best practices for healthcare organizations to protect against phishing attacks and account takeovers

YubiKey 5 Series

Easy-to-use, strong authentication Strong two-factor Hardware authenticator as a second factor, in addition to a password, in a strong two factor authentication solution. Strong multi-factor Combination of a hardware authenticator with a PIN to secure high assurance requirements such as financial transactions or submitting a prescription. Passwordless Hardware authenticator delivering strong single factor authentication, replacing

Computer login tools

Secure Windows with strong authentication Windows offers multiple login options. Read below to see which one applies to you. Local accounts If your user account is local and not managed by Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Active Directory (AD), you can add a layer of protection beyond passwords with the YubiKey. Before installing the Yubico