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Combat Ransomware: Strong authentication best practices to defend against threats

Organizations are increasingly becoming victims of ransomware attacks. And this had long been foreshadowed with experts having estimated earlier that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds in 2021*. When it comes to ransomware it’s not a question of if your organization will be targeted, but when. Ransomware and its connection to strong authentication


Stop enterprise-wide identity phishing with modern strong authentication: Why mobile authentication just isn’t good enough

Learn best practices to protect against enterprise-wide identity phishing and why mobile authentication just isn’t good enough.


Modern strong authentication & compliance for Healthcare Organizations: How the YubiKey helps Healthcare Organizations meet regulatory requirements

Read the white paper to learn how the YubiKey helps healthcare organizations ensure strong authentication and regulatory compliance


Modern strong authentication and compliance for Financial Services: How the YubiKey meets global Financial Services regulations

Read this white paper to learn how strong authentication using the YubiKey can help financial institutions stay protected against cyber attacks, and meet regulatory compliance for FFIEC, PCI DSS, GLBA, PSD2, eIDAS, SOX, SOC2, GDPR, and more.


Drive differentiation in financial services with modern strong authentication

Drive competitive differentiation by offering modern strong authentication for online and mobile banking


Securing Your Critical Assets in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment: Yubico Compliance E-book

Learn how the YubiKey helps organizations meet global compliance regulations including FIPS, GDPR, HIPAA and others with modern strong authentication.

What is Strong Authentication

Strong Authentication Definition Strong authentication confirms user identity reliably and safely, never solely based on shared secrets/symmetric keys such as passwords, codes, and recovery questions. Strong authentication assumes credential phishing and impersonation attacks are inevitable and robustly repels them. Although multi-factor authentication (MFA) remains among the best ways to establish who trusted users are, actual


Strong Authentication for U.S. Government Employees

Learn how to attain PIV compliance and the recent U.S. Cybersecurity Executive Order mandates that federal government agencies adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA) within 180 days.


New-Era Authentication: For Federal Zero Trust Initiative

Read the SNG Fedscoop Report on new era authentication and how it aligns with the new White House Executive Order on protecting the nation’s cybersecurity.


Accelerate Your Zero Trust Strategy with Strong Authentication: Seven best practices to jumpstart your journey

Learn about strong authentication best practices that will put you on the right track to implementing your Zero Trust framework.