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What is a Brute Force Attack?

What are the goals of a brute force attack? The ultimate goal of a brute force attack is to steal password and login credentials to gain access to online accounts. After an attacker gains access it doesn’t stop there. They may use accounts to send out spam or phishing messages to other users. Another action

What is eIDAS?

What is an eID? eID stands for Electronic Identification and it is a way to secure a person’s identity to access online services in the European Union. Where can security keys fit into this? Several European countries are now in the process of deploying modern web authentication, such as security keys to their citizens. Security

What are Biometrics?

How do Biometrics work in a security key? Biometrics are biological measurements or physical characteristics. Once biometric data is obtained, like in a security key or example, it is then saved so it can be used for the future to authenticate into a device or application. Biometric fingerprint credentials are stored in the secure element that helps


Nov 16, 2020

Yubico proposes WebAuthn protocol extension to simplify backup security keys

One of the most common questions people have about YubiKeys, and security keys in general, is: “What if I lose my key?”  While WebAuthn and FIDO2, the open standards for security key authentication, promise strong, phishing-resistant and — perhaps most importantly — easy-to-use multi-factor authentication, this question still remains. As of today, there are no answers that


Getting a biometric security key right

Today, we are excited to share some updates regarding the next highly-anticipated members of our YubiKey family: the upcoming YubiKey Bio in both USB-A and USB-C form factors. The YubiKey Bio will be the first product to introduce biometric capabilities (in addition to PIN) to our portfolio of YubiKeys.  Yubico has been considering adding biometrics

Security Key Series

Modern authentication, easy-to-use Flexible authentication Choice of strong single factor (passwordless), two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Secure the accounts you love Strongest authentication for any U2F and FIDO2 compatible service. Easy-to-use No additional software or battery is required and authentication is easy, fast, and reliable. Security Key Series for Consumers – Coming soon! The


Jan 8, 2019

Yubico Launches the Security Key NFC and a Private Preview of the YubiKey for Lightning at CES 2019

Hello from Las Vegas. Today, we have some exciting news for you that’s coming straight from the CES show floor. We are introducing two new device form factors: our latest next-generation physical security key, Security Key NFC by Yubico, and a private preview of our YubiKey for Lightning. We are giving live demos of both


Jul 25, 2018

The Key to Trust

As the principal inventor behind both the Security Key and U2F protocol, we are true supporters of open standards. To realize our mission of making secure login ubiquitous, we designed the original Security Key, and provided the majority of the open source code and test tools for FIDO U2F and the latest version of the


5 Simple Ways to Get Started with Your YubiKey

What are your go-to apps? There are several applications and services that many of us use weekly, and in most cases, daily — Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, a password manager — and the good news is that all of these support the YubiKey for strong authentication. And now, there is one more to add to the


Dec 14, 2016

Give the Gift Security Geeks Love to Get

‘Tis the season to be jolly and reflect on everything we’re thankful for. It’s been an incredible year at Yubico, and we’re delighted YubiKeys continue to make news this gift giving season. We’ve compiled our favorite gift guides because these are just too awesome not to share. And yes, we’re on each of them! PCWorld 5