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Security Key Series product brief

What is One-Time Password (OTP)?

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What is cross-platform?

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What is a Brute Force Attack?

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What is eIDAS?

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What are Biometrics?

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Yubico proposes WebAuthn protocol extension to simplify backup security keys

One of the most common questions people have about YubiKeys, and security keys in general, is: “What if I lose my key?”  While WebAuthn and FIDO2, the open standards for security key authentication, promise strong, phishing-resistant and — perhaps most importantly — easy-to-use multi-factor authentication, this question still remains. As of today, there are no answers that


Getting a biometric security key right

Today, we are excited to share some updates regarding the next highly-anticipated members of our YubiKey family: the upcoming YubiKey Bio in both USB-A and USB-C form factors. The YubiKey Bio will be the first product to introduce biometric capabilities (in addition to PIN) to our portfolio of YubiKeys.  Yubico has been considering adding biometrics