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Certificate-based authentication with YubiKeys for Microsoft, 3rd party, and web applications now available on iOS and Android  

With Microsoft’s announcement today of its support for Azure AD Certificate-based authentication (CBA) for both iOS and Android devices, Yubico is excited to share that the YubiKey is currently the only external device that supports CBA on Android and iOS. Plus, the YubiKey is the only FIPS certified phishing-resistant solution available for Azure AD on


Oct 19, 2022

New phishing-resistant solutions available now with Azure AD and YubiKeys

Microsoft recently announced the release of three new solutions that enable organizations to deploy Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to fight phishing attacks in Azure, Office 365, and remote desktop environments. These solutions will be essential to mitigate phishing attacks and will play a key role in supporting organizations looking to comply with the Executive


Microsoft  | Yubico Phishing-resistant MFA for Telecoms

Learn how you can achieve modern security with Microsoft Azure AD and  YubiKey to bolster cyber security.


Strong phishing resistant MFA for EO compliance

Learn how you can achieve federal compliance with YubiKeys and Microsoft

Microsoft Employee Purchase Program

$20 or €20 off a YubiKey 5 series- 2 pack Secure your apps and servicesYubiKeys are the gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), enabling a single device to work across hundreds of consumer and enterprise applications and services. Combine the YubiKey with leading password managers, social login, and enterprise single sign on systems to


Passwordless authentication for every enterprise

Begin your journey to stronger, passwordless authentication with YubiKeys by Yubico and Microsoft Azure Active Directory


Mar 9, 2021

Yubico donates 25,000 YubiKeys to Microsoft AccountGuard customers in 31 countries

Today, Yubico is proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Microsoft AccountGuard to deliver YubiKeys, free of cost, to high-profile and high-risk organizations. Last year, Yubico and Microsoft joined forces to equip political campaigns and parties with robust identity and access management (IAM) and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections. Now, we’re extending these same protections to international election campaigns, human rights defenders, healthcare workers, journalists, and other high-risk organizations in 31 countries.

YubiKey + Microsoft

A strong, user-friendly way to verify credentials Verify explicitly. Securing your identity is the first step to preventing phishing attacks. With cloud native integration of security keys for Microsoft personal and work accounts, users can authenticate with a YubiKey and access their cloud apps. Enterprise solutions YubiKeys provide a bridge from legacy to modern authentication

Go passwordless

Passwords are no longer the answer Large scale data breaches and credential theft put user accounts at risk for account takeover. 3.3 Billion stolen credentials reported in 2017 81% of data breaches from weak/stolen passwords 123456 the most commonly used password along with the word password. The hidden time and cost of passwords The average


Microsoft 365 for Public Sector

MFA using the YubiKey offers the highest security and best user experience to protect Microsoft 365.