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Portable root of trust for government

The YubiKey is a portable root for remote workers, non PIV/CAC eligible workers, mobile/BYOD, and shared devices/workstations.


How the YubiKey Helps Department of Defense Contractors Meet the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

The CMMC is the Department of Defense’s unified standard for implementing cybersecurity.


DUO Federal partner brief

Duo and Yubico together satisfy government guidance.


Why 3 government agencies are relying on hardware-based MFA with YubiKeys

America’s government is under attack. To put it more accurately, its governments are under attack, all the time, at every level — federal, state, and local — from opportunistic scammers, sophisticated cybercriminals, and even state actors. We’ve all seen the stories about intelligence services stealing political emails, snooping into election systems, and even penetrating the US power grid. But those are just

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What we’ll need…

YubiKey for elections and political campaigns

Secure sensitive information across government elections and political campaigns Easy, efficient, and strong authentication ensures protection against domestic and foreign threats by securing sensitive information and high-risk individuals. Read now: Modernizing election security with the YubiKey Ensure email confidentiality Foreign hackers are known to use email to infiltrate the political ecosystem. Passwords and SMS-based two-factor authentication


YubiKey for Federal Government

Hear best practices from government and security executives on how to get started with phishing-resistant MFA for federal use cases where PIV and CAC are not suitable.


Microsoft 365 for Public Sector

MFA using the YubiKey offers the highest security and best user experience to protect Microsoft 365.


WebAuthn: Why It Should Matter to the Public Sector and How It Works

WebAuthn makes fast and easy authentication a reality.


Best practices to secure government teleworkers with the YubiKey: A modern PIV/CAC alternative

Prior to 2020, government agencies like many other orgs, relied on a perimeter security framework.