Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Invests in Yubico, Ram Shriram Joins Board

November 24, 2014 2 minute read

We are excited to announce that Ram Shriram, founding board member of Google, has joined Yubico’s board of directors. In addition, Marc Benioff, founder of, and Ori Eisen, renowned fraud protection entrepreneur, have joined as Yubico investors.

“I invest in people; great entrepreneurs and engineers solving real problems,” said Shriram. “Yubico has an opportunity to make a significant mark in the Internet security industry with the YubiKey, a device elegant in its simplicity.”

Ram Shriram is a former executive at, founding board member of Google and the founder of Sherpalo Ventures. Marc Benioff founded in 1999 with the motto “The End of Software” and proceeded to grow the company into a juggernaut, while defining the current cloud computing model.

Ori Eisen, founder of 41st Parameter, which develops online fraud intervention solutions and was recently acquired by Experian, is highly regarded as a fraud-prevention expert in the information and payment technologies industry. The trio of Shriram, Benioff and Eisen align with Yubico at a time when trust across the Internet is severely challenged by identity theft and account hijacking.

Yubico’s vision is to enable all Internet users instant secure access across unlimited services using their YubiKeys; an innovative USB/NFC authentication key that works with a simple touch and with no additional client software needed. To help achieve this goal, Yubico is a board member, driving contributor and a leading device provider for FIDO U2F, an emerging open authentication standard today supported in the Chrome browser and Google Accounts. Recently, Salesforce offered support for Yubico’s flagship product, the YubiKey Standard, enabling their customers to login easily and securely to the platform.

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