Find us at Oktane21 and discover how Okta and the YubiKey bridge enterprises to passwordless

April 2, 2021 2 minute read

Okta’s premier identity conference, Oktane21, is taking place virtually on April 6-8, and Yubico is once again a proud sponsor. This year, Yubico will highlight our continued partnership with Okta and showcase the YubiKey as the key to trust. 

Okta Adaptive MFA and the phishing-resistant YubiKey allow organizations to quickly and securely deploy strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is simple to manage for admins and easy to use for employees. Adding the YubiKey as a hardware authenticator to Okta Adaptive MFA strengthens an organization’s security posture by requiring users to have a physical device to verify their identity.  

Okta and Yubico work together to make it simple for individuals, teams, and entire organizations to incorporate strong authentication, no matter their device policy. The YubiKey is designed to meet organizations where they are and be a true bridge to passwordless, seamlessly supporting legacy infrastructures as well as modern, cloud-based systems that leverage the latest standards like WebAuthn and FIDO2.  

Visitors of our virtual booth will learn how Yubico and Okta jointly deliver simple, secure, hardware based-authentication at scale, and how to begin the passwordless journey for organizations of all sizes. Additionally, Yubico solutions engineers will be available to address any technical questions and use cases in the live on-camera office hours.

If you aren’t attending Oktane, but still want to learn how Yubico and Okta deliver trust at scale, sign up for a free consultation. Experts from Yubico and Okta will contact you to discuss the authentication needs of your organization.

And it gets better… After your consultation, Yubico will provide you with a $100 discount code off the purchase of ten (10) or more YubiKey 5 Series keys to help you get started.

Together with the open standards ecosystem and our IAM partners like Okta, Yubico continues to deliver trusted security and usability at scale.

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