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Devising Your Enterprise Authentication Strategy with Passkey

Read the ESG Showcase for guidance on the benefits and challenges of different forms of passkeys and discuss what to look for in a passkey solution.


Protecting the healthcare ecosystem with phishing-resistant MFA

Learn how the YubiKey helps healthcare organizations across insurance, providers, clinicians, biotech, and pharmaceuticals drive high security against modern cyber threats and high user productivity with the best user experience


Thoughts on modern cybersecurity for retail and hospitality in advance of RH-ISAC’s Cyber Intelligence Summit

Recently Derek Hanson, vice president and product evangelist at Yubico, spoke with Paul Malcomb, cyber threat intelligence analyst and engagement lead at Retail and Hospitality ISAC (RH-ISAC), on their podcast. Derek shared insight on how passwordless authentication using FIDO and phishing-resistant MFA can help retail and hospitality organizations accomplish business goals such as ensuring strong


Modernizing MFA and going passwordless across the healthcare sector

Read the white paper to learn how to protect against phishing and ransomware across the healthcare sector using YubiKeys for phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless authentication

Yubico Releases MFA Guide in Recognition of World Password(less) Day 

PALO ALTO, CA and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – May 4, 2022 –  In recognition of World Password Day, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today issued a multi-factor authentication (MFA) guide to help better define common and new industry terms, as well as the standards that are supporting modern authentication.   While it is


Making sense of the alphabet soup within authentication and modern MFA terminology

The vast majority of all cyberattacks start with stolen login passwords or other credentials. In a world that is moving to the cloud, our work, personal and government communication systems have become more accessible and vulnerable for anyone on the internet. Of all the different cyberattacks, credential phishing is by far the largest problem and


WebAuthn implementation: What’s what, why should you care and new updates from Yubico

When it comes to WebAuthn, there’s certainly no shortage of acronyms or protocols. But what do they mean, and which ones do you need to care about? Fret not – both clarity and help are available! In this blog, we’ll share tips on how to implement WebAuthn, as well as share news about java-webauthn-server library


Passwordless authentication for every enterprise

Begin your journey to stronger, passwordless authentication with YubiKeys by Yubico and Microsoft Azure Active Directory


2021: Both challenging and promising for cyber security

2021 was a challenging, yet promising year for cyber security. This past year, we saw critical infrastructure, which we may have taken for granted in the past, breached and disrupted. My father, who lives in Sweden, could not buy food in his local grocery store, and coworkers and friends on the east coast in the US


Nov 18, 2021

In passwordless authentication, who is holding the keys?

Strong authentication practices are based on validating a number of authentication factors to a relying party (RP) or identity provider (IDP) to prove you are who the RP expects. Examples of relying parties could be Dropbox or Salesforce. Identity providers, who can also be a relying party that interacts with the authenticator, include Microsoft Azure,