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Figma implements strong security for all its employees with Okta and the YubiKey

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Apr 2, 2021

Find us at Oktane21 and discover how Okta and the YubiKey bridge enterprises to passwordless

Okta’s premier identity conference, Oktane21, is taking place virtually on April 6-8, and Yubico is once again a proud sponsor. This year, Yubico will highlight our continued partnership with Okta and showcase the YubiKey as the key to trust.  Okta Adaptive MFA and the phishing-resistant YubiKey allow organizations to quickly and securely deploy strong multi-factor

Okta partner brief

Okta Adaptive MFA and YubiKey: Simple, secure authentication

Okta with YubiKeys

Okta and Yubico partner to offer strong adaptive authentication

With the increasing frequency and scale of identity threats including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM), the best way to prevent a breach is to provide strong multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is designed to protect against the range of attacks that rely on stealing user credentials. Organizations can use a variety of techniques, but all work

YubiKey Flexibility Satisfies Okta Needs

Our partner, Okta, is anticipating that strong authentication adoption in 2016 on its cloud identity platform will eclipse the 40% increase it recorded in 2015. We salute Okta’s hard work and innovation now that it has officially released YubiKey support. Okta landed on YubiKeys to solve specific accessibility issues for its customers, specifically those who don’t

LinkedIn Secures Employees with MFA, Okta, YubiKey

Weak passwords and the employees that use them are the biggest threat to IT security, Raj Nagalingam, Senior Systems Engineer at LinkedIn, told the audience at last week’s Oktane15 conference. LinkedIn and Okta MFA To combat such threats at LinkedIn, Raj has turned to Okta’s multi-factor authentication plus the YubiKey as one way to protect

Sep 10, 2015

YubiKey to Secure Okta Adaptive MFA

There is a trend developing in identity management focused intently on security that incorporates strong two-factor authentication. The YubiKey is an integral part of that trend as evidenced by our new partnership with Okta, providing additional mfa capabilities. Today, we provide more proof of that trend by announcing our partnership with Okta to integrate YubiKeys