Don’t Roll The Dice on Security! Meet Yubico at Black Hat

July 24, 2017 2 minute read

This week, information security enthusiasts and experts across the country will make their way to Las Vegas, NV to attend the annual Black Hat cybersecurity conference. Find us during the expo (July 26 – 27) at Booth #572, where we will double down on our award-winning YubiKeys, demonstrate the simplicity of hardware-backed authentication, and speak on the advantages of physical, one-touch YubiKey authentication over other authentication methods, such as push or SMS.

Simplicity and flexibility are not often associated with strong authentication. That is not the case here at Yubico. We believe in making easy-to-use yet exceptional internet security accessible to everyone, and our YubiKeys deliver on that promise. With built-in support for multiple authentication protocols, a single YubiKey can secure an unlimited number of applications with just one touch. No shared secrets, drivers, or client software needed — it’s not part of a Vegas magic show, we swear!

Black Hat attendees can experience innovative authentication in action at the Yubico booth. We will demonstrate the ease, speed, and flexibility of multi-protocol YubiKeys in different scenarios — from U2F authentication across cloud platforms like Google and Dropbox, to leading IAM integrations, to smart card (PIV) authentication for computer login.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jerrod Chong, VP of Solutions, will take the stage to deliver his presentation, “Think All MFA is the Same? Think Again.”

Wednesday, July 26 | 12:30pm – 1:20pm
Think All MFA is the Same? Think Again
Location: Oceanside F, Level 2

Authentication’s evolution is unfolding as newer protocols and multi-function hardware-backed keys offer fortified security compared to today’s weak and vulnerable credentials. These enhanced capabilities are designed to defend enterprises and individuals against advanced phishing techniques, and protect privacy by delivering public key crypto in the form of FIDO’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol and next-gen smart card functionalities. Jerrod Chong, Yubico’s VP of Solutions, will discuss the advantages of hardware-backed keys using several MFA capabilities on a single device to address today’s advanced credential thefts.

If you are attending Black Hat, we’d love to meet you. Stop by Booth #572 and grab a seat during Jerrod’s presentation! To learn more about how your organization can benefit from the authentication power of multi-protocol YubiKeys, click here.

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