SSO with YubiKey two-factor authentication

Many systems are moving away from independent logins to Single-Sign-On solutions, where a single authentication unlocks access to multiple applications or services. With each additional system being tied to a single authentication event, it becomes more and more crucial that the authentication is secure. Two-factor authentication adds the necessary security by pairing a physical token with other credentials, such as a username and password. The security and ease of use of the YubiKey makes it an ideal solution for Single Sign On authentication, allowing them to carry the key to their virtual office on their keychain.

via SAML

Yubico partners with third party online SAML identity services to be able to offer several YubiKey enabled SAML providers for our customers.

via OpenID

Yubico partners with to provide YubiKey enabled OpenID. We also offer an OpenID Server for demonstration purposes.