Protect your online identity

The expanding rate of online identity theft has highlighted the disastrous consequences of being impersonated online and the ease with which it can happen. Below are popular services where you can use your YubiKey to protect your online identity with easy and strong two-factor authentication.

Native YubiKey support

Online services that supports the YubiKey and the YubiCloud, our hosted authentication services, with no client install needed.

Akiri Solutions
SSO Circle

Services with OATH-TOTP

The following services can work with Standard and Nano YubiKeys configured with an OATH credential and the YubiTOTP App for Windows. For more information, we offer the YubiTOTP App Manual. NEO and NEO-n YubiKeys can secure these services with the Yubico Authenticator.

Dropbox Two-Factor Verification
Microsoft Account Security Code
GitHub Two-Factor Verification
Evernote Two-step Verification
DreamHost Multifactor Authentication

Symantec VIP

Use the YubiKey VIP to access leading US financials services with two-factor authentication. Paypal’s authentication service is currently available only to users registered in Australia, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Paypal Security Key
eBay’s Security Key
Multiple US banks

Yubico Authenticator

The YubiKey NEO can securely store your OATH-TOTP and OATH-HOTP secrets for multiple sites and generate the codes on your mobile device or Windows, OSX and Linux desktop.

Yubico Authenticator Manual
Yubico Authenticator Desktop
Yubico Authenticator Android