Below you find a wide range of applications where you can use YubiKey strong two-factor authentication. For more complete enterprise solutions supporting the YubiKey, please see our enterprise partners.

Stronger, faster, more economical
YubiKey offers the most secure, easiest, and most economical method for two factor authentication — compare the features of YubiKey to other methods, and compare the cost.

Integrate two-factor authentication to offer an extra layer of security.

Cost efficient and secure corporate remote access with two-factor authentication.

Protect and manage web usernames and passwords, both for enterprises and end users.

YubiKey for Salesforce is built to work with the Login Flows feature.

As a driving contributor of the emerging standard, Yubico offers pioneering FIDO U2F products.

YubiKey pre-configured for two-factor authentication against Symantec VIP enabled services.

Enterprise class single sign-on offerings with two-factor authentication.

Local Login Authentication to your computer with two-factor authentication.

Add two-factor authentication login to your open source Content Management System (CMS).

Easy and secure two-factor authentication access to disk encryption.

Securing applications in the cloud, including Gmail, Google Apps, Dropbox, GitHub, and others.

Protect secrets on authentication servers, including cryptographic keys and passwords.