YubiKey basics

Meet the YubiKey! A fast-paced overview of the many uses of the YubiKey for developers, businesses, schools, governments, and personal use.

YubiKey and iPhone - YubiKey Comes to iPhone

The YubiKey comes to iPhone Yubico offers strong authentication for in-house and customer-facing mobile applications across leading mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Demo: YubiKey and FIDO2 Passwordless with Windows

FIDO2 passwordless login to Azure Active Directory with Security Key by Yubico The new Security Key by Yubico uses FIDO2 to authenticate to Microsoft Azure Active Directory, making passwordless workstation login simple and secure.

Diver with YubiKey

Discover the YubiKey! Take a journey with us under the ocean to discover modern authentication with the YubiKey, wherever you go!

Facebook home screen setting up a security key

Keep your Facebook account aafe with YubiKey! Take control of your identity. YubiKey protects your Facebook account with a touch.

YubiKey secure manufacturing: Rob the Robot manufactures 10,000 YubiKey per day in the forests of Sweden. Learn more

Hands at computer on Google with YubiKey

Check out this short video and blog post by Google AdWords to learn how easy it is to adopt better security standards.

Stina Ehrensvard, Founder and CEO of Yubico, shares several Yubico stories, including how the YubiKey was invented and why part of the team moved from Stockholm to Silicon Valley to help develop FIDO U2F.

“Easy to Use, Impossible to Lose”  by Alessandro Giordani involves a cup of water, a YubiKey, and easy authentication — you have to watch and see!

GitHub, YubiKey, and U2F: Shawn Davenport, VP of Security at GitHub tells us why the coding pioneers deployed U2F and YubiKeys to hundreds of their employees and their 11 million users. Learn more

Secure your Gov.UK Verify account with YubiKey

Secure your GOV.UK Verify Account with YubiKey: GOV.UK Verify is a new simple way for UK citizens to access an increasing range of UK government services online. This is the first government service in the world to make support for the new open authentication standard FIDO U2F. Learn more

Introducing YubiKey and macOS Sierra: YubiKeys work for secure login to macOS Sierra using native smart card PIV support. Use the YubiKey PIV Manager tool to create credentials on any YubiKey 4 or YubiKey NEO device. Learn more

Introducing YubiKey for Windows Hello: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition includes expanded user verification options, standards-based authentication, and diverse management controls grouped under the name Windows Hello. YubiKey now works with this ecosystem. Learn more

U2F YubiKeys work with Centrify

Secure your organization with Centrify & the YubiKey: Stop breaches with Centrify and the YubiKey. Simple configurations for admins and easy for users. Learn more at yubico.com/centrify.

How-To Videos

YubiKey and Gmail (and other Google accounts): how to register your YubiKey with your Google Account and use it to secure Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Blogger, and more. Learn more

Login with FIDO U2F and OpenID Connect: protect your accounts on websites and services with YubiKey using federated identity services.

YubiKey and Dropbox: register your YubiKey with your personal Dropbox or Dropbox Business account to keep your files secure. Learn more

Dashlane Password Manager + YubiKey and U2F: make your Dashlane account extra secure with easy, one-touch, two-factor authentication. Learn more

YubiKey and Okta’s Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication: a demonstration for both end users and administrators. Learn more

YubiKey for Salesforce App: protect your valuable Salesforce.com data with a free app from the AppExchange. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with a Static Password using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with an OATH-HOTP credential using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Programming the YubiKey with a YubiOTP credential using Yubico’s Personalization Tools. Learn more

Yubico Webinars

Webinar 02/22/18: GDPR: Achieving Compliance and Secure Authentication with 2FA & Customer IAM

Webinar 11/13/17: Uber Data Breach: Impact and Lessons for CISO’s

Webinar 08/17/17Using Open Standards to Comply with GDPR

Webinar 08/15/17Enterprise Authentication: Understanding the Security / Simplicity Trade-off

Webinar 08/03/17Case Study: FIDO, Federation, ID Proofing

Webinar 06/12/17Why Something You Have is Essential

Webinar 11/02/16YubiKey Smart Card Mode for Computer Login

Webinar 10/20/16Securing Business Intelligence on Salesforce.com with YubiKeys

Webinar 9/29/16Easy-to-Use MFA with Centrify Identity Service and YubiKeys

Webinar 07/27/16Yubico and GitLab Security Webcast

Webinar 7/13/16Versasec vSEC:CMS + YubiKeys = A New PIV Smart Card Integration

Webinar 5/24/16: Centrify Identity Service + YubiKeys = Easy to Use MFA Everywhere

Webinar 3/15/16: One Device, Many Functions — Inside the YubiKey

Webinar 2/16/16: Protecting the Education Sector with YubiKey

Webinar 10/27/15: Integrating U2F — From Concept to Implementation

Webinar 7/7/15: Google for Work, FIDO U2F, and YubiKey