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Issue: You receive an error “No YubiKey inserted” or you press the YubiKey button and no text is sent or the keyboard setup assistant doesn’t appear on Mac OS X. Generally you insert your YubiKey and it is not recognized by the application or command line tool.
Solution: You have a U2F-only key and these keys cannot be configured or personalized.

Issue: You have questions about your order (how to return your order, how to track your order).
Solution: Send an email to

Issue: You don’t know which YubiKey you have.
Solution: To find out which YubiKey you have, see Identifying Your YubiKey. To learn more about the functionalities of your YubiKey, download the product sheet for the key (see Support > Knowledge Base > Documentation).

Issue: Your Security Key or U2F-certified YubiKey is not working in Linux.
Solution: For information on how to configure your YubiKey, see the Frequently Asked Question on enabling U2F with Linux.

See Troubleshooting Tips for tips to help you with the most common troubleshooting issues we receive.