For high risk

Yubico protects those most at risk of targeted attacks – journalists, business leaders and political campaign teams

YubiKey advanced protection

Advanced protection

The strongest protection against advanced phishing and MiTM attacks. The YubiKey effectively defends against cybercriminals.

Trusted solution

The YubiKey is trusted by millions of users around the globe to secure login to accounts and protect sensitive information

Stop account takeovers

Blocks fraudulent account action before it happens. Using the YubiKey means you, and only you, can log into your accounts.

Protects your login

  • The YubiKey provides easy to use, strong authentication.
  • Passwords are not enough to protect your accounts.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Authenticates with a simple touch or tap of the key.

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See what people are saying about the YubiKey

“Security pros regard Yubico’s crypto-processing as the best form of two-factor authentication available on the market.”

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“Journalists often need to click on links and attachments from people they don’t know, and it’s our job to help them do so securely. One product that is effective in protecting against phishing of online accounts is the Security Key.”

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“Today, YubiKey is the de facto security device for companies in 160 countries”

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“YubiKeys have become an integral part of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. From helping secure interoffice communications, to training journalists with varying degrees of technical savvy, YubiKeys have revolutionized how we advocate for, educate on, and soundly practice end-user digital security.”

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Harlo Holmes, Director of Newsroom Digital Security, Freedom of the Press Foundation

Yubico free speech offer

Yubico actively works to protect freedom of speech by providing Security Keys to non-profit organizations and individuals focused on human rights. It has been a long standing mission to ensure that everyone at high risk is protected online. Please complete this form to apply to receive discounted YubiKeys based on your work defending human rights.

Offer details

For qualifying organizations and individuals Yubico will provide a 50% discount for purchase of YubiKeys at only. The discount coupon received from the Yubico Free Speech offer is valid for purchase of up to ten (10) devices or a cart total value of $600 before discount. Offer is open to organizations and individuals world-wide recognized for championing the human right of free speech. Recipient must complete the online form to apply for a discount, that will be delivered via email as a coupon code. This offer is available once per person or email address. Total number of discounted Security Keys provided to individuals within an organization will be decided at Yubico’s discretion. This discount cannot be combined with other special offers, coupons, or discounts. Offer ends December 31, 2019 and may change without notice.

Yubico is committed to working with people at risk around the world. We are honored to have among our customers many of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to an open internet and free speech.

Non-profits and individuals defending free speech and an open internet. Use this form to apply to receive your discount code.

Choose the YubiKeys to meet your needs

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