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Yubico products secure access to computers, networks and online services for thousands of businesses and millions of users in 160 countries. We are trusted by 9 of the top 10 internet companies, 2 of the top 3 financial, retail, healthcare and research institutions globally.
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Cryptocurrency investment firm TrueCode Capital leverages YubiKeys to secure accounts
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Fluidra enhances its global workforce security with YubiKeys

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BeyondTrust enforces Zero Trust for privileged accounts


U.S. state elevates security posture for its revenue department

The Charter: Strengthen the State’s finances while ensuring protection of citizen data Future-proofed security strategy a critical component of successful business operations Driving cyber security strategy is the responsibility of the state’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who works closely with privacy and security operations teams to moderate risk and keep state data and citizens’


U.S. state uses the YubiKey to protect voter registration databases from hackers

State gov’t takes a proactive approach, selecting strong authentication for 1000+ election workers.


UK residents enjoy secure online access to government services

GOV.UK uses YubiKeys to allow citizens and residents to safely access UK government services online.


Virginia Tech secures online campus services with strong two-factor authentication

VT rolls out a solution to ensure students, faculty, and staff remain safe from online attacks.


Washington State uses YubiKeys to protect critical election infrastructure

Washington state leaders use YubiKeys to secure access to election infrastructure.


YubiHSM 2 secures EasyMile’s worldwide CA ecosystem

EasyMile hardens its PKI infrastructure and storing private keys using YubiHSM.


ZorgSaam supports remote, two-factor authentication with the YubiKey

ZorgSaam protects confidential patient data with the durable, one-touch design of the YubiKey.