Our Customers

Yubico products secure access to computers, networks and online services for thousands of businesses and millions of users in 160 countries. We are trusted by 9 of the top 10 internet companies, 2 of the top 3 financial, retail, healthcare and research institutions globally.

Freedom of the Press Foundation secures free speech with the YubiKey

FPF deploys the YubiKey to help journalists protect confidentiality and other critical information.

Genetec eliminates passwords With YubiKeys

Genetec increases identity strength while eliminating passwords across their organization.

GitHub and Yubico pioneer U2F authentication globally

GitHub leverages self-service deployment to scale U2F authentication to developers worldwide.

Gojek steps up Google Workspace security (formerly G Suite) with YubiKey

Gojek chooses Yubico to protect a G Suite-based infrastructure.

Google defends against account takeovers and reduces IT costs

Google improves security, accelerates productivity, and reduces support costs with the YubiKey.

Government of Nunavut turns to phishing-resistant YubiKeys after ransomware attack

In 2019, the Government of Nunavut was victimized by a phishing attack. Nunavut rebuilt infrastructure and trust using Microsoft’s Azure AD + the YubiKey.

Hacktive Security

Hacktive Security offers strong-authentication integration to its customers as value-added services.

KRY improves security and MFA usability with YubiKeys

KRY rolls out company-wide MFA, providing rapid security/cost value and great user experience.

Luther Burbank Navy JROTC case study

Navy JROTC to expands their uses of the YubiKey beyond U2F.

Multinational engineering firm Maire Tecnimont goes passwordless

Maire Tecnimont goes passwordless to improve both security and user experience.