• What is a YubiKey?

    The industry’s #1 security key, enabling strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication.

    The authentication challenge

    Our mission is making secure login easy and available for everyone. Balancing security and usability has always been a challenge. And the more secure hardware authentication solutions are difficult to use and deploy. The YubiKey changes this.

    Discover modern authentication with the YubiKey wherever you go!

    YubiKey is trusted by the world’s leading companies

    “We’ve raised the standard of security for our employees. The YubiKey works seamlessly for people in their day-to-day workflow here at Google.”

    “Facebook is using the YubiKey for securing its own employees, and have made secure login with FIDO U2F and YubiKeys available for all Facebook users”

    “The YubiKey meets all our requirements thanks to its simplicity of use, its open algorithm and the available open-source software support.”

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