What is eIDAS?

The Electronic identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) is a regulation in the European Union used to help people and businesses use their eID’s to access public services in other EU countries.

What is an eID?

eID stands for Electronic Identification and it is a way to secure a person’s identity to access online services in the European Union.

Where can security keys fit into this?

Several European countries are now in the process of deploying modern web authentication, such as security keys to their citizens. Security keys are also being rolled out within governments. The YubiKey can be used for national electronic ID-card as part of the National Digitalisation Programme in the Faroe Islands.

What does eIDAS facilitate?

eSeals, digital signatures where the signing key belongs to a legal entity

eSignatures, a legal way for consent or approval on electronic documents or forms

eID, facilitates the security of eID’s in proving digital proof of identity

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