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    Strong authentication best practices to defend against threats
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    Organizations are increasingly becoming victims of ransomware attacks. And this had long been foreshadowed with experts having estimated earlier that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds in 2021*. When it comes to ransomware it’s not a question of if your organization will be targeted, but when.

    Ransomware and its connection to strong authentication is not well understood today. Strong authentication involves establishing a trusted identity of a user or machine before authorizing access to data. The connection between strong authentication and ransomware lies in thinking about the ways actors using ransomware can infiltrate your organization.

    This whitepaper demystifies what ransomware is, who are typically involved, the way strong authentication and modern MFA can play a critical role in mitigating ransomware risks, and recommendations for good security and process hygiene to stay protected against this fast-growing and disturbing phenomenon.