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Yubico Demonstrates FIDO U2F and YubiKey Integrations at Black Hat 2015

  Yubico is a co-creator of FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor), a new open authentication standard that protects against phishing and man-in-the middle attacks. The technology enables YubiKeys and other user-owned devices to securely access any number of online services, with a simple touch, and with no client software needed. In addition, the U2F protocol

Yubico Presents the Evolution of Two-Factor Authentication and New Integrations at CIS

YubiKeys offer a wide range of strong authentication options including one-time password (OTP), FIDO U2F, OpenPGP, PIV support and more. Announced today, the OTP functionality of the YubiKey will be integrated directly into PingID, the multi-factor authentication engine within Ping Identity’s flagship cloud identity service, PingOne. With this support, an individual can use the YubiKey

Yubico U2F YubiKeys Earn FIDO Certification

  Earlier today, the FIDO Alliance introduced the FIDO Certified™ testing program, which is designed to measure compliance and ensure interoperability among products and services that support FIDO 1.0 specifications. FIDO certification is performed using a set of test tools developed by the FIDO Alliance, followed by participation in a proctored interoperability event. The FIDO

Yubico’s U2F Security Key Supported by Google Drive for Work Management Enhancements

  Earlier today, Google announced on its blog new Google Drive for Work Admin console  features for enterprises seeking managed two-factor authentication with Security Keys. This is a powerful evolution of the enterprise value of Yubico’s lineup of FIDO-compliant keys, and the emerging scalable, open authentication FIDO U2F standard. “When U2F functionality in Chrome launched

Yubico Launches YubiKey Edge at RSA 2015; OTP and U2F Two-Factor Authentication in One Key

  Highly requested by Yubico partners and customers, YubiKey Edge combines multiple authentication options.  YubiKey Edge incorporates OTP authentication which is the foundation of YubiKeys, including Yubico OTP, OATH, and Challenge-Response.  Added support for the FIDO Alliance’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol, provides easy-to-use public key cryptography. “Two-factor authentication has become a must-have defense for protecting

Yubico Launches the World’s Smallest Hardware Security Module

Yubico’s new YubiHSM enables an easy, affordable way of protecting encryption secrets and passwords stored on an authentication server. The product protects sensitive data against remotely conducted intrusion attacks and internal threats, such as employees attempting to copy secrets. The module is configured by default to support the Yubico One-Time Password validation, but can be configured

Yubico at CES ShowStoppers – Demonstrating the New Open Standard FIDO U2F for Secure Login to Google and WordPress

  Yubico will be exhibiting at booth A-13 at ShowStoppers on Tuesday January 6, 2015, at the Wynn Las Vegas. With the mission to make secure login easy and available for everyone, Yubico serves as a FIDO Alliance board member and is co-author and key driver of the FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) protocol. The

FIDO Alliance Publishes Final FIDO 1.0 Specifications, First Industry Standards for Universal Strong Authentication

  Yubico serves as a board member and is co-author and key driver of the FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) protocol.  Earlier this quarter, Yubico introduced the FIDO U2F Security Key, a new and easy to use two-factor authentication device, which supports FIDO U2F functionality added to Google Accounts and the Chrome browser.  This was

Yubico Releases FIDO U2F Security Key

Earlier today, Google announced on its blog an extra layer of security for Google Accounts based on FIDO U2F support added to the Chrome browser, the first public deployment of FIDO U2F protocols and a major step in increasing Internet security. Starting today, the Security Key by Yubico with its FIDO U2F support lets users

Yubico Releases YubiKey NEO, NEO-N with Support for FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor Protocol

* Note – as of May 21, 2015, Yubico FIDO Ready™ products became official FIDO Certified™ products.  Read more here. Being U2F FIDO Ready™, one single YubiKey NEO or NEO-n security key can be used with any number of online services, with no user information or encryption keys shared between service providers. FIDO U2F enables