• Securing your password manager with a YubiKey

    The safest way to protect your password manager using a YubiKey for multi-factor authentication

    Works with the most well known password manager providers

    The YubiKey provides you with peace of mind that your password manager is secured with an extra layer of protection

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    YubiKey + password manager

    YubiKeys as the gold-standard for multi-factor authentication:

    • Eliminate the need to reach for your phone to open an app, or memorizing and typing in a code
    • Are easy to use—simply touch the YubiKey to verify with your password manager and you’re in
    • Are reliable and can be set up with your password manager in minutes
    • Are a rugged and durable solution (even survives the washing machine!) and doesn’t require batteries, WiFi or network connection
    • Protect against even the most sophisticated phishing attacks. In order to hack into your account, a bad actor would need your login credentials and physically have your YubiKey in order to gain access

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    Here’s how easy it is to set up:

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    Best practices for securing your password manager

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