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    Get the complete Federal Systems Integrators (FSI) guide to phishing-resistant MFA!

    This guide explains everything you need to know about:

    • The critical need for modern, strong authentication
    • Drawbacks of legacy authentication
    • Shifting cybersecurity standards for federal contractors
    • The federal shift to phishing-resistant MFA, and how NIST defines it
    • How to secure FIPS-validated phishing-resistant MFA
    • How to deploy highest-assurance security at scale
    FSI best practices guide preview

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    What is phishing resistant MFA?

    Phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) refers to an authentication process that is virtually immune to sophisticated attacks that can intercept or trick users into revealing access information.

    Only two authentication technologies meet the phishing-resistant MFA mark*

    • The federal government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard/SmartCard
    • The modern FIDO2/WebAuthn standard

    *Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 & NIST SP 800-63B

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    Yubico is the principal inventor of the WebAuthn/FIDO2 and U2F authentication standards adopted by the FIDO alliance and the first company to produce the U2F security key and a multi-protocol FIDO2 authenticator. 

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