Top 10 tips from employees for working from home

March 19, 2020 3 minute read

Recently, remote access has become the new way of working for many businesses and our team at Yubico has also had to adapt to this new reality.

Last week, we published the first entry in our remote working blog series: 5 ways the YubiKey can protect your remote workforce from phishing and other attacks. Now, with our second blog, we wanted to provide some insight — in a lighter tone during these challenging times — on remote work tips direct from Yubico employees. We asked our team for their top remote working best practices, and summarized the list below. We hope our team’s advice can be useful for anyone working from home.

Q: How do you successfully work from home?

  1.  “Create a work-only space. Whether that be a spare bedroom or a corner in your kitchen. It should be devoid of all other home projects or distractions.”
  2.  “Create or buy an ‘On air’ sign to hang on your office door or otherwise display so others in the house know when you need uninterrupted work time.”
  3. “Posture and ergonomics are important. Move around and stretch and take as many walking calls as you can, and if possible outside. Fresh air also gives clarity to the brain.”
  4. “Fuel yourself! Don’t get hung up on work so much that you forget to eat and drink.”
  5. “When possible, use the video when communicating with your teammates. Even though we are working independently, it can make it feel like we’re at the office together.”
  6. “For every 30 minutes spent staring at your screen, look away for at least 20 seconds to focus on something outside your window. Your eyes will thank you.”
  7. “When working at home with cats, be sure to CLOSE your laptop any time you leave it for more than a minute or two, because cats, attracted to the warmth, love to sit on the keyboard.”
  8.  “Take advantage of working at home, like taking a couple of minutes to chat with your family or put the laundry in the dryer. Those small breaks sprinkled through the day will make you more productive.”
  9. “Over communicate across all of the teams you are working with, as nuances might be lost when working remotely.”
  10. “Use a YubiKey, or some form of two-factor authentication, whenever and wherever you can to protect your work and personal applications.”

So how are you coping with working from home? What is the best advice you can give? Please join the conversation! Click here to send a tweet with the hashtag #YubiHome (get it?!), and share your advice for anyone who may be new to working remotely.

For additional information on how organizations are using YubiKey to protect remote workers, sign up for our webinar on March 26, ‘Enabling employees to work securely from home’.

The last few weeks have set new high records of account takeovers and phishing attacks across the globe. At Yubico, we are dedicated to continue to serve our customers and make working from home safer for all.

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