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What is Yubico OTP?

How does Yubico verify Yubico OTPs? In order for Yubico OTP to work with YubiCloud (Yubico’s validation service) the information programmed into the YubiKey must also be uploaded to the YubiCloud. As part of the process of manufacturing every YubiKey, a Yubico OTP credential is programmed into slot 1, and its information is also transferred to YubiCloud,


Wrapping up 2020: A year where technology and internet security prevailed

Never has the world been more dependent on the internet, and never has it been more attacked than in 2020. In fact, it proved to be a year where trust in many of our systems was challenged. Yet I remain an eternal optimist and believe that we can transform the hard lessons learned in 2020

What is cross-platform?

Cross-Platform meaning definition Why is it important to be cross-platform? It’s important to have or use a product that is cross-platform so that it can work with a wide variety of devices. If security keys are cross-platform a user can use one key across all their devices. Are Yubico products cross-platform? Yes, all Yubico products

What is an Authenticator App?

How does an authenticator app work? An authenticator app is usually installed on a smartphone or other device and generates a random passcode every 30 seconds. The passcode can be used for sign-in, two factor authentication, an more. Passcodes generated by an authenticator apps are generated from a secret code that is shared between the


How does HOTP work? HOTP is essentially an event-based one time password. Two inputs are required: the seed from the server and the counter from HOTP. The two sync each time a code is validated and the user gains access. What’s the difference between HOTP and TOTP? The biggest difference between HOTP and TOTP is that HOTP

What is the FIDO Alliance?

What is the mission of the FIDO Alliance? •Developing technical specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that reduce the reliance on passwords to authenticate users •Operating industry certification programs to help ensure successful worldwide adoption of the specifications •Submitting mature technical specification(s) to recognized standards development organization(s) for formal standardization Who

Works with YubiKey Program

Program benefits Showcase your product We collaborate with hundreds of companies dedicated to protecting their users’ identities, accounts, and data. Stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders who share the same commitment to strong authentication. Discover our network of security key integrations Grow your business Manage your free Works with YubiKey catalog listing, and keep information up

Security Key Series

Modern authentication, easy-to-use Flexible authentication Choice of strong single factor (passwordless), two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Secure the accounts you love Strongest authentication for any U2F and FIDO2 compatible service. Easy-to-use No additional software or battery is required and authentication is easy, fast, and reliable. Security Key Series for Consumers The Security Key Series


Mar 12, 2020

5 ways the YubiKey can protect your remote workforce from phishing and other attacks

In today’s enterprise journey to digital transformation, remote work is on the rise. Advancements in technology make it possible for employees to work from anywhere, but also introduce a new set of challenges for IT departments. Unsecured WiFi networks, unmanaged personal mobile devices, and phishing scams make it easy to steal user credentials and difficult


Jan 29, 2020

What’s new in Yubico PIV Tool 2.0?

New open authentication standards, FIDO2 and WebAuthn, have been getting a lot of attention lately with tech giants like Apple joining industry adoption. As a core creator of these standards, we celebrate these milestones, but our mission here at Yubico is to make a safer internet for all. In addition to driving new open web