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State of Alert: Multi-factor authentication and the future of data

Read this report to learn why multi-factor authentication is critical for state and local government agencies, the consequences of not strengthening authentication, and how to bridge to a passwordless future


Modern Authentication for State and Local Government

Learn how local government agencies are using YubiKeys to easily achieve 100 percent MFA coverage.


Osterman Cyber Security in Government

Learn how the government sector faces a growing complex of cybersecurity threats.


City of Sacramento uses YubiKeys to secure remote workers

The City of Sacramento chose YubiKeys for MFA in conjunction with PortalGuard to secure remote workers


City of Mission Viejo uses YubiKeys to provide a frictionless experience for employees

YubiKeys help the city of Mission Viejo meet high security standards and are a more cost effective solution compared to other MFA options


Identify Yourself: Cyber threat protection strategies in state and local government

Lessons learned from 2020 that can inform cybersecurity planning in the years ahead.


Portable root of trust for government

The YubiKey is a portable root for remote workers, non PIV/CAC eligible workers, mobile/BYOD, and shared devices/workstations.


Why 3 government agencies are relying on hardware-based MFA with YubiKeys

America’s government is under attack. To put it more accurately, its governments are under attack, all the time, at every level — federal, state, and local — from opportunistic scammers, sophisticated cybercriminals, and even state actors. We’ve all seen the stories about intelligence services stealing political emails, snooping into election systems, and even penetrating the US power grid. But those are just

YubiKey for State and Local Government

Zero-trust, secure passwordless and multi-factor authentication for state and local government YubiKeys provide highest assurance authentication without compromise to help you go passwordless, modernize multi-factor authentication and smart card deployments to ensure only authorized access to sensitive personal information and community services. Meets Federal Government Compliance Requirements Manufactured securely in the United States using stringent