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Spare YubiKeys

Think of your YubiKey as you would any other key The importance of having a spare key is well established. We have them for our most valuable assets in life – our houses, our cars, our PO and safety deposit boxes, etc. Well not surprisingly, we also need spare keys for our digital devices! Importance


Leave Nothing to Chance: Have a Backup and Recovery Plan

A backup and recovery process is an indispensable component of every security solutions strategy, and is something to think carefully about as you develop a plan to integrate YubiKeys into yours. Having a proper backup and recovery process keeps employees productive without them having to worry about losing their YubiKey or losing access to systems


May 27, 2015

Ode to the value of Backup YubiKey(s)

A few weeks ago, I was in my hotel and reached into my pocket to get my YubiKey. Without it, I can’t log into certain email, CMS or other systems without going through an involved IT administrative process. The key was gone. That is an instantaneous bad feeling, wiped away only by the backup YubiKey