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The real reason legacy authentication doesn’t work for shared workstations

Most organizations struggle with legacy authentication, with passwords and mobile-based solutions a source of security risk, high IT cost, and frustrated users. However, for organizations with shared workstations and shared device environments, these pain points are only intensified. Shared workstations—common across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, financial services, energy, utilities, oil and


Securing shared workstations against modern cyber threats

Download the Yubico White Paper, to learn the key considerations for authentication across shared workstation environments such as call centers, manufacturing floors, retail and hospitality kiosks, medical stations, and others.

Protect against cybersecurity risks in retail

Modern strong authentication for cybersecurity in retail and hospitality The YubiKey provides strong two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication, helping retail and hospitality organizations stop phishing attacks, ransomware, and account takeovers, while protecting sensitive customer and financial data, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Securing Your Critical Assets in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment Learn about Security, Compliance, and