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2022: A year of phishing with a solution to calm the seas

In 2022, phishing scams continued to hook into consumers and enterprise accounts. In fact, recent research from EMA revealed that 87% of surveyed businesses indicate that their organization experienced an identity-related security breach in the preceding 12 months. Many successes of the sophisticated phishing scams were due to legacy MFA implementations such as SMS, mobile


Mar 10, 2022

Donating YubiKeys globally to those who need it most: A spotlight on Yubico’s Secure it Forward program

With current events unfolding daily around the world, the reality that everyone can be affected by impending cyberattacks has set in. Now, individuals around the world are wondering how to stay secure during tumultuous times like this (and in the future). So, what exactly are the best ways to secure oneself online and mitigate the