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YubiHSM 2, the world’s smallest hardware security module, enhanced with new features to support security for the Public Sector

Compliance mandates require many of our customers in regulated industries or in high-risk environments to prove adequate levels of protection for their data, no matter where it lives or travels. This is why we’ve continued to enhance the capabilities of both the YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS, the world’s smallest FIPS-validated and non-FIPS hardware


Phoenix Software protects the public sector supply chain with YubiKeys

Responding to the growing cybersecurity threat Shaun Tosler, Infrastructure Manager at Phoenix, works closely with the Phoenix CTO and Bytes Technology Group CISO to look after all IT infrastructure internally and those that run managed services. His challenge is to maintain a high-level of security while ensuring ease of access and usability for both their


Forging ahead: A CISOs top recommendations to stay secure in 2023

Last year, we anticipated that 2022 would be challenging for cybersecurity. This was proven true with the countless number of sophisticated high-profile phishing and ransomware attacks like DropBox, Twitter, Rockstar Games and Uber (twice). With the introduction of phishing-as-a-service and other sophisticated toolkits that target weaker forms of 2FA, security teams are now prioritizing phishing


Modern Authentication for State and Local Government: How hardware security keys are modernizing MFA

Learn how local government agencies are using YubiKeys to easily achieve 100 percent MFA coverage.


Jun 21, 2021

Seven tips if you’re still scratching your head after reading Biden’s cybersecurity executive order

Yubico works with a lot of federal agencies and contractors, as well as with customers in regulated industries, so we understand the challenges new compliance regulations can bring. The executive order that was released May 12 can be seen as the federal government fully embracing the move toward multi-factor authentication (MFA) for use cases where


Jun 16, 2021

Entrust to add support for YubiKeys with PIV alternative and PIV derived credentials, advancing secure mobile and desktop authentication

Today marks an important day for expanding Yubico’s reach to support the growing requirement for Government agencies to issue government credentials beyond Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. We are celebrating that our partner Entrust will soon launch support for derived PIV credentials for YubiKeys. Customers will be able to take advantage of YubiKeys with derived


Yubico and ID.me provide remote identity proofing, YubiKey delivery, and strong authentication for NY Air National Guard (and see our joint presentation at Identiverse)

The pandemic has forced a digital transformation of how and where employees work at an accelerated rate, driving remote work scenarios for tens of thousands of state and federal personnel. These accelerated work scenarios require users to be strongly verified and authenticated. A strong binding between the remote identity proofing process and the authenticator is


Mar 24, 2021

New administration and Covid-19 aftermath surges demand for next-gen security in public sector

2021 marks the year that two game-changing events have put onboarding remote employees and strong authentication on the radar for many public sector agency heads. Since March 2020 most government workers, like everyone else, have been forced to work remotely in systems that were not designed for secure work-from-home situations. IT executives scrambled to find


YubiKey FIPS Series public sector brief

YubiKey FIPS Series brief for government and other public sector entities.


YubiEnterprise Services Public Sector solution brief

YubiEnterprise Services offer flexible purchasing options and managed services.