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Hackers don’t break in. They log in.

Cyber crime is surging like never before… 300% Rise in cyber crime since the pandemic began1. 53% Of companies in Europe & the Middle East have been victims of cyber attacks2. 9 out of 10 Cyber attacks begin with a phishing email3. Most cyber attacks begin as phishing Phishing is the fraudulent practice of inducing


Phishing attacks are on the rise: are you prepared? 

It doesn’t have to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month to read a flurry of news about human-based phishing attack stories – also called smishing if the “fishing line” is cast via SMS. These attacks boil down to the art of tricking people into revealing personal information and credentials – including usernames, passwords, authentication codes, and sensitive


Thoughts on modern cybersecurity for retail and hospitality in advance of RH-ISAC’s Cyber Intelligence Summit

Recently Derek Hanson, vice president and product evangelist at Yubico, spoke with Paul Malcomb, cyber threat intelligence analyst and engagement lead at Retail and Hospitality ISAC (RH-ISAC), on their podcast. Derek shared insight on how passwordless authentication using FIDO and phishing-resistant MFA can help retail and hospitality organizations accomplish business goals such as ensuring strong

Account Takeover

Learn the definition of Account Takeover and get answers to FAQs regarding: What is Account Takeover, how does it work, and more.


Securing shared workstations against modern cyber threats

Download the Yubico White Paper, to learn the key considerations for authentication across shared workstation environments such as call centers, manufacturing floors, retail and hospitality kiosks, medical stations, and others.


Yubico’s top information security recommendations for 2022

Last  week, we shared a look back at 2021, which experienced an increase in the number of high profile security breaches, many involving devastating ransomware attacks. Attackers preyed on traditionally softer targets like hospitals, schools, and local governments, in addition to the continued focus on the supply chain. Although the root cause for many of


2021: Both challenging and promising for cyber security

2021 was a challenging, yet promising year for cyber security. This past year, we saw critical infrastructure, which we may have taken for granted in the past, breached and disrupted. My father, who lives in Sweden, could not buy food in his local grocery store, and coworkers and friends on the east coast in the US


A Day in the Life: Dispelling the Myths of Mobile Authentication

COVID-19 initiated the most rapid digital transformation ever witnessed—organizations fast-tracked two-factor and multi-factor authentication to transition millions of employees to work from home. But with remote and hybrid work likely to continue in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to step back and ask: is my in-use authentication as secure as I think it is? Is


Now is the time to accelerate phishing resistant MFA

While 2021 isn’t quite over yet, at Yubico, we took a moment to reflect on many of the changes and impacts that have happened in the cybersecurity industry. This year has marked some of the biggest security breaches in history including the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline hacks. And with these cybersecurity attacks, we’ve seen: Action


The Top 5 Mobile Authentication Misconceptions

Not all forms of MFA are created equal. Learn why mobile MFA is putting you at risk