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Yubico unveils results of inaugural State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey 2022

Cybersecurity attacks continue to be on the rise, making news headlines almost daily. With the kick-off of Cybersecurity Awareness Month on October 1, it’s a good reminder that all MFA is not created equal. We’re increasingly seeing that hackers aren’t breaking in, but instead are now logging in with phishing and social engineering attacks against

New Global Survey from Yubico finds 59% of Employees Still Rely on Username and Password as Primary Method to Authenticate Their Accounts

To kickoff Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Yubico brings top industry leaders together to reveal state of enterprise security  SANTA CLARA, CA and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – September 28, 2022 – In light of recent phishing-based cyberattacks and in recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today shared the results of


Q&A: Yubico’s director of engineering on how to defend against rise in phishing attacks

Yubico’s mission is to make the internet safer for everyone, and at the heart of that is a belief that the best security requires usability. Anyone who accesses the internet is at risk from cybercrime, so YubiKeys are designed to provide phishing-resistant MFA protection for everyone. That’s why YubiKeys are so simple to set up


Breaking the cycle of cyberattacks in healthcare with phishing-resistant MFA

Ransomware attacks and other types of cyberattacks in healthcare are growing, not only in amount, but in sophistication as well.  The recent State of Ransomware in Healthcare report released by Sophos highlighted a 94 percent increase in ransomware attacks in 2021, with 66 percent of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware – up from 34 percent


Thoughts on modern cybersecurity for retail and hospitality in advance of RH-ISAC’s Cyber Intelligence Summit

Recently Derek Hanson, vice president and product evangelist at Yubico, spoke with Paul Malcomb, cyber threat intelligence analyst and engagement lead at Retail and Hospitality ISAC (RH-ISAC), on their podcast. Derek shared insight on how passwordless authentication using FIDO and phishing-resistant MFA can help retail and hospitality organizations accomplish business goals such as ensuring strong


Microsoft  | Yubico Phishing-resistant MFA for Telecoms

Learn how you can achieve modern security with Microsoft Azure AD and  YubiKey to bolster cyber security.


Zero Trust with phishing-resistant MFA is mission-critical

Join Yubico and Okta on September 22nd to learn how YubiKey, combined with Okta Adaptive MFA, work together to provide modern phishing-resistant MFA as well as a simplified user experience for the strongest levels of protection.


Sep 13, 2022

As Told By Adopters: YubiKeys’ ROI

The need for security is non-negotiable. It remains a top priority universally – online, offline, on vacation or at home. With more workers signing on in a variety of locations these days enterprises remain at risk of compromising sensitive data via phishing and stolen credentials.  Yubico’s YubiKeys, hardware-based phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, exist to


YubiKey as a Service: YubiEnterprise Subscription

Attend this webinar to learn about the latest in the cyberthreat landscape, the critical need for phishing-resistant MFA and how organizations can introduce agility, flexibility and peace of mind with a hardware authentication as a service model.


Protecting retail and hospitality against modern cyber threats

Learn how modernizing authentication can secure shared devices, protect sensitive data, and prevent account takeovers while enhancing customer experience.