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Accelerate YubiKey adoption at scale

Learn deployment best practices to enhance your security posture with phishing-resistant MFA


Compliant PINs and MFA: Modern direction for staying secure

Entities within the US Federal Government are in the midst of a drastic change regarding how they approach the services they are using—moving away from traditional on-prem and proprietary systems to cloud services based on private platforms, like Azure and Amazon Web Services. However, the requirements for security remain the same regardless of the platform


Laying the groundwork for continuous authentication

Continuous authentication is an emerging concept—a future ‘nirvana’ state of security that would provide the capability to validate a user’s identity in real-time as they maneuver between systems, applications, and devices. In theory, continuous authentication solutions would use risk signals from a variety of monitoring sources to authenticate users, identify potential threats and proactively remediate


YubiKey for Education

Learn how YubiKeys can complete your MFA 100%, for those in education that can’t, don’t, or won’t use mobile authentication

Yubico Releases MFA Guide in Recognition of World Password(less) Day 

PALO ALTO, CA and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – May 4, 2022 –  In recognition of World Password Day, Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today issued a multi-factor authentication (MFA) guide to help better define common and new industry terms, as well as the standards that are supporting modern authentication.   While it is


Making sense of the alphabet soup within authentication and modern MFA terminology

The vast majority of all cyberattacks start with stolen login passwords or other credentials. In a world that is moving to the cloud, our work, personal and government communication systems have become more accessible and vulnerable for anyone on the internet. Of all the different cyberattacks, credential phishing is by far the largest problem and


Modernizing authentication across education

Attend this webinar on Thursday, June 2, to learn how you can modernize cybersecurity across the education sector with the easy-to-use, affordable YubiKey, to stop modern threats and drive cyber insurance hygiene.


Meeting Zero Trust and phishing-resistant MFA requirements in Memorandum 22-09

Learn how the YubiKey meets phishing-resistant MFA requirements mandated by OMB M-22-09


Gartner® Research Report: U.S. Federal CIO Priorities to Comply With the Executive Order to Improve Cybersecurity

Read the Gartner Research Report to see a breakdown of guidance to CIOs and other leaders within organizations to get prepared for a modern cyberthreat era.


Shopping for cyber insurance? Six questions to ask before you call the insurer

The cyberthreat landscape has always been worrisome, but today there are many more CISOs noticing new gray hairs in the mirror given an anticipated uptick in cyber attacks from nation states and other bad actors. Ransomware attacks and other forms of account compromise continue to grace the news every month with  malicious actors – state-sponsored