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How to best secure your call center environments with against modern cyber threats

Learn key considerations in choosing the right authentication solution for call centers.


Five ways Yubico can help you accelerate and scale phishing-resistant MFA in 2023

Learn about the 5 ways Yubico can help you accelerate and scale phishing-resistant MFA, starting now through 2023, to stop phishing, ransomware and other forms of account takeovers in their tracks.


Cryptocurrency investment firm TrueCode Capital leverages YubiKeys to secure accounts

Cryptocurrency risk management supported by phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) Leaning into experience and technology to build a new legacy Unable to find such a solution, Peck set about building a system that would take advantage of the latest in machine learning, financial engineering and risk management methodologies and apply that to cryptocurrency. After testing the


Securing telecommunications against modern cyber threats

Read the white paper to learn how phishing-resistant MFA protects telecommunication organizations from modern cyber threats and prevents account takeovers with an easy to use experience that removes roadblocks that legacy forms of authentication such as passwords, mobile-based MFA provides.


An inside look: How hackers rely on low effort tactics for phishing attack success

Phishing continues to make headlines with attackers using stolen credentials to gain access to valuable systems and sensitive data. Although phishing has been a known technique for a long time, the industry is still struggling to effectively defend against it. This may seem surprising to many as “phishing” calls to mind poorly written emails, generic

Phishing attacks are getting smarter

Phishing attacks are getting smarter.
Your defenses should, too.
Most cyber crime relies on stealing account credentials. That’s why it’s so important to use more than just a password to protect your online accounts.


Survey results are in: 59% of employees still rely on username and password as primary method to authenticate their accounts

Our inaugural State of Global Enterprise Authentication Survey – which we exclusively previewed in September during YubiSummit – captures a snapshot of how companies around the world are tackling authentication.  We received over 16,000 responses from entry-level employees up to business owners at organizations ranging in size from one to 2,000+ employees, in eight countries:


Widespread SMS phishing attack thwarted with Cloudflare Zero Trust and YubiKeys

Learn how physical security keys played a crucial role in not allowing Cloudflare to be another victim in a widespread phishing attack.

Hackers don’t break in. They log in.

Cyber crime is surging like never before… 300% Rise in cyber crime since the pandemic began1. 53% Of companies in Europe & the Middle East have been victims of cyber attacks2. 9 out of 10 Cyber attacks begin with a phishing email3. Most cyber attacks begin as phishing Phishing is the fraudulent practice of inducing


Halborn case study

To support the 100% remote, diverse, and bright team of engineers and ethical hackers, Halborn leverages a unique gamification system designed to reward and incentivize its employees based on proof of work and continuous learning.