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YubiKey for password manager security

Works with your favorite password manager accounts Protect your password manager against breaches with the strongest hardware-based two-factor authentication using the YubiKey. Why use a YubiKey Ultra secure Zero recorded accounttakeovers in 11 years. Thephysical key requires a humantouch and cannot be remotelyhacked. Quick and reliable One-tap login, nothing todownload, no batteries, crushand water resistant.Manufactured


SANS 2021 Password Management and Two-Factor Authentication Methods Survey

Read this report to learn about password management and the types of MFA solutions being used in industries

Hardware-backed protection for your password manager

Effective Password Management for Businesses Join experts from Yubico and 1Password to learn effective password management practices designed specifically for business owners and managers of smaller remote teams of employees. Why you need hardware-backed two-factor authentication in combination with a password manager Many individuals and businesses have implemented password managers to combat the inherent challenges


Internet security myth-busters: Debunking 3 common misconceptions about two-factor authentication

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and this year, it comes at a time when we are using online services more than ever. The pandemic has forced many of us to almost entirely rely on our digital identities to work, shop, learn, and generally keep in touch, putting the resilience of authentication technologies to the test. 


Effective Password Management for Businesses

Hear expert insights on effective password management practices designed for business owners.


May 5, 2020

Password Management: Securing Businesses with Small, Yet Mighty Teams

Now more than any other time in history, businesses are working remotely. Going virtual, while enabling collaboration and helping to maintain regular business operations in these trying times, introduces a fair amount of challenges. Data shows that businesses with smaller teams have been increasingly targeted by hackers and cybercriminals in recent years. In fact, about


1Password rolls out WebAuthn, and enhanced YubiKey support

Yubico has been a major contributor to the development of open standards for authentication from the initial development of the U2F specification to the latest W3C approved WebAuthn. As we see more services upgrade to modern authentication standards, we can’t help but share in the excitement. We are thrilled to share that 1Password, a password


5 Surprisingly Easy Ways Your Online Account Credentials Can Be Stolen

This month, Yubico is partnering with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) to support and promote Data Privacy Day, an initiative to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust. While Data Privacy Day is a one-day event taking place on January 28, security is our focus at Yubico every day,


Is there a good way to share passwords in an enterprise?

One of the most important facets of enterprise security is ensuring protection for all employee accounts. Password sharing methods play a critical role. When pressed for time, many users resort to sending unencrypted plain-text passwords via high risk channels like chat or email. There are other ways to securely share passwords across teams throughout an


10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Identity and Keep Safe Online

This week, the Oslo Freedom Forum is hosting its ninth annual conference, bringing together a global community of activists, tech entrepreneurs, and thought leaders sharing the vision of a freer and safer world, including the Internet. Yubico was invited to the event to share how you can use YubiKeys and FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor)