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Security considerations for the top 8 mobile device-restricted workplaces

When looking at enterprises and organizations, there are many different business scenarios that can be present when addressing secure authentication. Whether those be shared workstations, remote workers, or even privileged accounts, there is one in particular that introduces its own difficulties: mobile device-restricted workplaces.  It’s safe to say that there will always be workplaces which,


Why Your Mobile MFA Strategy is Attracting Cyber Crime and How to Fix it

Legacy MFA such as mobile authentication is highly vulnerable to phishing and other forms of account takeovers. Learn about the pitfalls of mobile MFA and best practices to stop account takeovers.


Dec 6, 2021

A Day in the Life: Dispelling the Myths of Mobile Authentication

COVID-19 initiated the most rapid digital transformation ever witnessed—organizations fast-tracked two-factor and multi-factor authentication to transition millions of employees to work from home. But with remote and hybrid work likely to continue in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to step back and ask: is my in-use authentication as secure as I think it is? Is


The Top 5 Mobile Authentication Misconceptions

Not all forms of MFA are created equal. Learn why mobile MFA is putting you at risk


Federal authentication best practices for the mobile workforce


The top 5 mobile authentication misconceptions: Demystifying the myth versus reality of legacy MFA

Download the Yubico White Paper, The top 5 mobile authentication misconceptions to learn the key misconceptions related to mobile-based MFA that are a ticking time bomb, and putting organizations at risk.


Modern Authentication for the Federal Government: Enabling Mobile, Secure Authentication in Zero Trust Environments

Learn how DOD approved hardware security keys such as the YubiKey are ideal to fill PIV and CAC related authentication gaps across the federal government, and meet the MFA mandate in the Biden Executive Order 14028.

Software Development Toolkits (SDKs)

Yubico’s SDK offerings deliver rapid integration ofhardware-based strong authentication YubiKey SDKs Yubico has developed a range of mobile SDKs, such as for iOS and Android, and also desktop SDKs to enable developers to rapidly integrate hardware security into their apps and services, and deliver a high level of security on the range of devices, apps

Yubico Authenticator

Yubico Authenticator adds a layer of security for online accounts Generate 2-stepverification codes on amobile or desktop device Experience strongersecurity for online accountsby adding a layer of securitybeyond passwords Secure all servicescurrently compatible withother authenticator apps,including GoogleAuthenticator How it works For maximum security we always recommend protecting your user accounts with the YubiKey. However where

What is FIDO U2F?

Where did U2F come from? FIDO U2F was created by Google and Yubico, and support from NXP, with the vision to take strong public key crypto to the mass market. Today, the technical specifications are hosted by the open-authentication industry consortium known as the FIDO Alliance. U2F has been successfully deployed by large scale services,