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Fluidra enhances its global workforce security with YubiKeys

Fluidra Group – A global leader in the pool and wellness industry Responding to the growing cybersecurity threat CISOs today operate in a challenging cybersecurity landscape, explains Uruñuela: “There is a lot of cybercrime, as well as more regulations coming soon from governments in both Europe and North America. Then there is the current economic


Manufacturing cybersecurity to step up in response to threats of cyberattacks

Recent manufacturing crises such as the baby formula shortage and the global chip shortage demonstrate the profound impact of downtime and production issues. From the global pandemic to lockdowns in China, manufacturers are now being warned about the risk of cyberattacks from Russia.   Manufacturing is an emerging target for cyberattacks; production floors that were once


Protecting manufacturing with highest-assurance security

Learn how to secure manufacturing organizations and the importance of strong security and phishing-resistant MFA.

Secure Manufacturing

Made in Sweden & USA Yubico is a Swedish company that owns subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Germany. We strongly believe there are security and privacy benefits for our customers by manufacturing and programming our products in Sweden and the USA. To ensure that we are very close to all aspects of manufacturing, we

YubiKey Programming Options

Whether it’s just a few devices, or tens of thousands, we provide all the software tools necessary to securely custom program YubiKeys. You have the option of programming YubiKeys yourself at your own location or at one of our official locations, with no secrets ever touched or stored by Yubico. All YubiKeys purchased from the Yubico


Modernize security across manufacturing

In order to protect against modern cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and the software supply chain, security solutions need to modernize. Learn how to implement phishing-resistant MFA and safeguard the supply chain with Yubico solutions.


YubiHSM 2: A secure keystore for the manufacturing industry

Yubico has now designed a standard solution centred on the YubiHSM 2.