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Phishing-resistant MFA for Pharmaceuticals: Secure data, technology, and people with the YubiKey

Learn how YubiKeys help close the threat gap across growing pharmaceutical organizations, uniting security and digital transformation.


Maximizing security across pharma’s digital transformation with phishing-resistant MFA

Read this white paper to learn how to achieve phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless across the pharmaceutical industry


Modern strong authentication & compliance for Healthcare Organizations: How the YubiKey helps Healthcare Organizations meet regulatory requirements

Read the white paper to learn how the YubiKey helps healthcare organizations ensure strong authentication and regulatory compliance


Future-Proofing Authentication and Compliance for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare continues to remain one of the most highly targeted industries by cyber criminals. In fact, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has seen a doubling of the number of cyber attacks – attacks which are both costly ($9.23 million, on average) and disruptive. What’s even more troubling is that these attacks are likely to


Osterman Cyber Security in Healthcare

Explore the current state of security threats in the healthcare industry today


Mar 1, 2021

Customer YubiStories: How a biopharmaceutical company solved NFC authentication with a YubiKey and wristband

One of the greatest things about the YubiKey is that it can be used in virtually any environment and by any user. While we all know about the common user experience of plugging in your YubiKey then touching to authenticate, we often hear unique stories from our customers about how they used creativity to address


MyID and YubiKey provide a managed strong authentication solution for U.S. health services provider

Healthcare provider uses YubiKeys + MyID to develop strong authentication at scale.


Best practices for strong authentication in healthcare using the YubiKey

Read the strong authentication best practices for healthcare organizations to protect against phishing attacks and account takeovers

YubiKey for Healthcare

Best practices for strong authentication in healthcare Read the Yubico white paper to learn the seven best practices of how YubiKeys help healthcare organizations with strong authentication YubiKeys provide two factor authentication for healthcare organizations Easy, efficient, strong authentication ensures compliance—securing highly sensitive patient information and high-assurance transactions. 2FA in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and


KRY improves security and MFA usability with YubiKeys

KRY rolls out company-wide MFA, providing rapid security/cost value and great user experience.