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Datadog leads in authentication best practices, deploys YubiKeys to all employees enterprise-wide

Datadog gives every one of its employees a YubiKey to strengthen their position against phishing


Google Accounts and YubiKeys Get Started

Set up a YubiKey to secure your Google Account within minutes to protect your account.

Google Employees Discount Offer

$20 off any two (2) YubiKey 5 Series

Google Employees Discount


Gojek steps up Google Workspace security (formerly G Suite) with YubiKey

Gojek chooses Yubico to protect a G Suite-based infrastructure.


Luther Burbank Navy JROTC case study

Navy JROTC to expands their uses of the YubiKey beyond U2F.


The ISC Project protects human rights reporting with the YubiKey

The ISC Project enables easy, one-touch authentication to counter stolen passwords or phishing.


Google defends against account takeovers and reduces IT costs

Google improves security, accelerates productivity, and reduces support costs with the YubiKey.


Securing Google and G Suite Accounts with YubiKeys

How to secure Google and G Suite Accounts with the Advanced Protection Program using YubiKeys


Google enhances mobile security on iOS with YubiKey support via NFC and Lightning

We are excited to share that Google has added WebAuthn support on iOS, which begins rolling out to users starting today! This means that you can now use YubiKeys on your iPhone and iPad when accessing Google’s iOS apps and web services on the Safari browser. The expanded support of strong hardware-based authentication can now