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Professional Services Technical Services Hours Bundles

Flexible, on-demand professional services assistance for clients seeking technical guidance. Hours can be redeemed over a 12-month period.


Professional Services Smart Card Implementation Package Solutions Brief

A dedicated consulting project focused on integrating smart card authentication with the YubiKey, featuring guidance on Certificate Authority (CA) architecture, configuration and health checks as well as enrollment configuration


Professional Services Microsoft Passwordless Implementation Package Solutions Brief

Two week dedicated advisory project for implementing Azure/FIDO2 passwordless authentication with YubiKeys


Professional Services Getting Started Workshop Solutions Brief

Half-day virtual interactive session featuring technical tips on integrating YubiKeys with Duo, Okta, Ping, as well as YubiKey deployment tips and best practices.


Professional Services Solutions Brief

Expert consulting services: workshops, implementation packages, on-demand assistance and more.

Getting Started with Yubico

Order YubiKeys online Try YubiKeys with top cloud services within seconds Purchase keys online to see how fast and easy it is to set up with the apps and services that you love. YubiKeys can secure hundreds of work and personal accounts, and your secrets are never shared between services. Meet with Yubico experts Explore