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Getting started with strong authentication in financial services

Best practices for implementing the YubiKey for fast, easy and strong authentication.

Essentials for Enabling Strong Authentication in Financial Services Call Centers

Call center environments can greatly benefit from a secure, yet simple approach to verification.

Osterman Research Cyber Security in Financial Services

The financial services industry is under cyber attack.

Tip-Sheet: YubiKey for Financial Services Call Centers

Ways the YubiKey can enhance Call Center security and compliance in financial services companies.

Tip-Sheet: Four reasons to deploy strong multi-factor authentication using the YubiKey for online and mobile banking

Financial services need a more effective authentication to protect against account takeovers.

Tip-Sheet: 5 Ways financial services organizations can get started with highest-assurance multi-factor authentication

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Financial services organizations need to ensure strong authentication to prevent account takeovers.

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Danish Experts Tap YubiKey Security for Government and Banks

When security consultant Ian Qvist talks about YubiKeys, he does so with a knowing grin and the knowledge he’s tightening security without adding complexity. Qvist works with customers such as government agencies and Danish banks whose IT teams are looking for answers to specialized security needs. “We use YubiKeys in a lot of places,” says Qvist,


Bank of America Joins FIDO Alliance

Today, Bank of America, has joined the FIDO Alliance and been appointed to the Board of Directors. Among the world’s leading financial institutions, Bank of America is committing to FIDO standards for strong authentication, along with other leaders in the financial sector, including Discover Financial Services, MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. “Historically, strong two factor hardware

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S. American Bank Deploys YubiKeys

Financial transactions and banking are top targets for online criminals and one simple stolen password can wreak havoc on one’s online identity. Yubico and SwissBytes are proud to announce that Bolivia-based Banco Ganadero has successfully implemented and deployed SwissBytes Virtual Box (SB-VBOX) with integrated YubiKey second-factor authentication to secure online banking services for its customers.