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Drive competitive advantage with modern strong authentication for online and mobile banking

Learn how modern and secure authentication using FIDO open standards used by banks such as Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, and Bank of America, can drive competitive differentiation in the financial sector.


Why Financial Services Shouldn’t Wait for Regulators to Address Strong Authentication

Financial institutions face some of the most stringent and complex regulatory requirements, including financial service compliance requirements around authentication. So much so that the financial service industry is broadly considered the gold standard from a compliance perspective. To comply with existing regulations and thwart cyber attacks, financial institutions were early adopters of two-factor authentication (2FA)


Modern strong authentication and compliance for Financial Services: How the YubiKey meets global Financial Services regulations

Read this white paper to learn how strong authentication using the YubiKey can help financial institutions stay protected against cyber attacks, and meet regulatory compliance for FFIEC, PCI DSS, GLBA, PSD2, eIDAS, SOX, SOC2, GDPR, and more.


Hybrid work driven by Covid-19 prompts a shift in financial services security priorities

All industries are dealing with the thorny issue of who comes back to work during the pandemic and who doesn’t, and the return-to-work plans will diverge depending on each enterprise’s needs and culture. But banks, financial institutions, and many other players in the financial services industry are paying close attention to the security perils of


Drive differentiation in financial services with modern strong authentication

Drive competitive differentiation by offering modern strong authentication for online and mobile banking


Strong authentication for hybrid and remote work in financial services

Learn strong authentication best practices for hybrid and remote work in financial services with the YubiKey

Protecting financial organizations from cyber security threats

How financial services can differentiate themselves with modern authentication Attend this panel discussion to hear the current challenges related to authentication in the financial industry and best practices to implement moving forward. Prevent cybercrime and fraud withhigh-assurance MFA Yubico helps financial services organizations minimize cyber risk by providing high-assurance MFA for critical business and customer


Financial services case study

The company incorporated strong two-factor authentication to protect systems from being compromised.


Getting Started with Strong Authentication in Financial Services: Best practices for implementing the YubiKey for fast, easy, and strong authentication

Best practices for implementing the YubiKey for fast, easy and strong authentication.


Osterman Research Cyber Security in Financial Services

The financial services industry is under cyber attack.