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Meta Employee Purchase Program

$20 or €20 off a YubiKey 5 series- 2 pack Secure your apps and servicesYubiKeys are the gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), enabling a single device to work across hundreds of consumer and enterprise applications and services. Combine the YubiKey with leading password managers, social login, and enterprise single sign on systems to

Stop account takeovers

Modern and secure authentication to protectagainst account takeovers Spending on cybersecurity keeps going up, but account takeover and phishing related breaches aren’t abating, because legacy 2FA/MFA methods remain vulnerable. Security you can trust requires a physical factor that is never fooled – such as the Yubikey. Stop account takeovers and phishing Fraudsters and hackers are


Facebook making security effortless for employees

Facebook makes security effortless for employees, balancing usability and security

Duo Security & Yubico partner to protect Facebook employees

Protecting your organization does not need to be complicated, frustrating or costly. The simple addition of strong authentication paired with seamless identity access management can significantly reduce security risks across an entire organization by making it simple to deploy and easy for employees to use. A recent collaboration between Yubico and Duo Security show us


Jan 26, 2017

YubiKey & FIDO U2F Protect Facebook Users… Like!

Many say that if it didn’t happen on Facebook, then it didn’t really happen. Well, today, a HUGE thumbs up has happened — Facebook has upgraded the login security for its 1.8 billion users by integrating the unphishable protection of the FIDO U2F Security Key into its social platform. Simply put, this means that Facebook


Facebook Deploys YubiKey and Duo Security

Yubico and Duo Security are happy to jointly announce today that Facebook has successfully deployed technologies from both companies to provide two-factor authentication across its enterprise. In order to securely authenticate software engineers to production networks and servers, Facebook needed a solution that provided quick and easy authentication, a fast rollout to employees, and the