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The White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy and Pandemic Anti-Fraud Proposal: Three things you should do to respond now

On March 2, the White House made a clear and important announcement to the tech sector regarding cybersecurity efforts moving forward: “We must rebalance the responsibility to defend cyberspace by shifting the burden for cybersecurity away from individuals, small businesses, and local governments, and onto the organizations that are most capable and best-positioned to reduce


Why banks need to act now or risk non-compliance with new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) guidance

If the gauntlet hadn’t been thrown before to protect financial and banking customers’ data, it’s definitely lying on the floor now. The recent circular bulletin from the CFPB makes it clear that financial institutions can’t slow-walk any security upgrades: “Inadequate security for the sensitive consumer information collected, processed, maintained, or stored by the company can

Executive Order 14028

Executive Order 14028 is a cybersecurity order issued by President Biden requiring agencies to improve and standardize defenses of their digital systems. The EO spawned a number of policy changes to improve software supply chain security, mandate Zero Trust cybersecurity principles, and phishing-resistant MFA. The recent frequency of widespread and invasive cyber attacks has prompted the government to take action.


Ping Identity  | Yubico Strong phishing-resistant MFA for EO 14028 compliance

Learn how YubiKey and Ping Identity together offer phishing-resistant MFA to protect against account takeovers within government agencies


Strong phishing resistant MFA for EO compliance

Learn how you can achieve federal compliance with YubiKeys and Microsoft


The future of Federal cybersecurity is here

Smart cards, while they provide strong security, can be complex for to adopt both for the organization and the end users alike. Users may even have to carry smart card readers and additional peripherals to use the solution. Read this solution to understand how a modern and simplified smart card approach can augment your existing smart card strategy and provide strong phishing defense in the modern cyber threat landscape. All while being very well suited for your hybrid or remote workforce, with users working across a range of modern desktops, tablets and smart phones.


Securing federal government with phishing-resistant MFA

Join to hear from government executives on how they are planning for OMB M-22-09, to ensure the highest protection for mobile, cloud platforms and systems that don’t support PIV and CAC


Meeting Zero Trust and phishing-resistant MFA requirements in Memorandum 22-09

Learn how the YubiKey meets phishing-resistant MFA requirements mandated by OMB M-22-09


Gartner® Research Report: U.S. Federal CIO Priorities to Comply With the Executive Order to Improve Cybersecurity

Read the Gartner Research Report to see a breakdown of guidance to CIOs and other leaders within organizations to get prepared for a modern cyberthreat era.


White House Declaration: Act now for protection from cybersecurity attacks

Join our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, April 19th to receive resources and tips to help get your team started or continue to keep moving down the security upgrade road.