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Aug 10, 2022

Closing the gap in account security in today’s hybrid academic environment 

Over the last two years, students, faculty and administrators of academic and educational institutions have faced many challenges, including jumping between in-person and remote learning. With the introduction of new and shared devices to accommodate these ever-changing environments, hackers quickly took advantage of the gaps in account security that hadn’t yet been accounted for, which


How state and local governments and higher education can achieve 100% multi-factor authentication

Learn how state and local governments and higher education can drive 100 percent MFA coverage to protect against phishing and account takeovers


Graduating from legacy MFA to modern authentication

Download the Yubico White Paper, Graduating from legacy MFA to modern authentication: The critical need for increased security across education, to learn authentication best practices in modernizing authentication to stop modern day cyber threats.


Modernizing authentication across education

Learn how you can modernize cybersecurity across the education sector with the easy-to-use, affordable YubiKey, to stop modern threats and drive cyber insurance hygiene.


YubiKey for Education

Learn how YubiKeys can complete your MFA 100%, for those in education that can’t, don’t, or won’t use mobile authentication

Education discount offer

The YubiKey protects more than 1,000 academic organizations, including 450 higher education institutions, and millions of users in over 160 countries. Easy-to-use and affordable strong authentication The YubiKey is an easy-to-use and affordable strong authentication solution that helps protect students, faculty and staff against phishing attacks and account takeovers — on campus and off campus.


Arvika Municipality enhances security and undergoes digital transformation in Education with YubiKeys

Learn how Arvika was able to provide an easy-to-use cloud environment for all its data and information, protected by YubiKey’s strong multi-factor authentication.



PAUSD protects against breaches of their student information system and other applications.


Swansea University secures access to world-class database

Swansea University medical school rapidly rolls out program to protect sensitive research data.


Virginia Tech secures online campus services with strong two-factor authentication

VT rolls out a solution to ensure students, faculty, and staff remain safe from online attacks.