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Breaking the cycle of cyberattacks in healthcare with phishing-resistant MFA

Ransomware attacks and other types of cyberattacks in healthcare are growing, not only in amount, but in sophistication as well.  The recent State of Ransomware in Healthcare report released by Sophos highlighted a 94 percent increase in ransomware attacks in 2021, with 66 percent of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware – up from 34 percent


MFA implementation and the users you need to reach: overachievers, traditionalists and cautious employees

When a breach investigation team assembles after an incident at a company or organization, misinformed users often get added to the ‘suspects list’ because accidents happen that sometimes lead to holes in security. Though everyone in a company means well, just like accidentally dropping a glass or losing your car keys, the reality is that


What SolarWinds taught us about the importance of a secure code signing system

Last year’s SolarWinds attack was caused by intruders who managed to inject Sunspot malware into the software supply chain. The hackers exploited a breach in the SolarWinds code signing system, which allowed them to fraudulently distribute malicious code as legitimate updates to installations across the world. While this attack taught the industry many lessons, one


Cloud vs. On-Prem: Why opting for on-prem can cost you your next data breach

Most CISOs and IT teams spend their time asking themselves “when”, not “if”, they will be the next company to suffer a data breach. And rightfully so. The frequency of data breaches is skyrocketing, with no sign of slowing down.  To help quantify the problem, recent research from Canalys shows that there were more records

Data Breach

How Do Data Breaches Happen? Reusing passwords Using easily guessed passwords Sharing credentials Leaving work devices unattended or unlocked Mistakenly clicking on malicious links Read how you can educate yourself and your company on best practices to stop breaches here Data breaches by the numbers (source: Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report)



PAUSD protects against breaches of their student information system and other applications.


Swansea University secures access to world-class database

Swansea University medical school rapidly rolls out program to protect sensitive research data.


Responding to the rising wave of social engineering attacks against remote workers

By now, it’s clear the pandemic has provided perfect conditions for many types of social engineering attacks. We’ve seen plenty of reports and warnings from the FBI, CISA, Interpol, and other reputable organizations about the growth in coronavirus-related attacks, from spear-phishing to vishing, ransomware, and more, as the world adapts to remote working and its associated risks.  In many ways, social


Jul 15, 2020

4 reasons to consider a security-first approach to product development

The internet is a powerful invention. It was originally built for collaboration, but it’s far surpassed the capabilities anyone could have expected, and has become a core function of society. As developers, we contribute to these incredible advancements every day, but it’s also our job to help protect and preserve the future of the internet.


Oct 18, 2019

Staying safe online beyond national cybersecurity awareness month

Last week, we talked about access management and its role in securing businesses from cyber threats as part of our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) campaign. Today, we will take you through what’s putting your personal accounts at risk, and share tips from our partners on how to stay better protected. So let’s start by