Forging ahead: A CISOs top recommendations to stay secure in 2023

Last year, we anticipated that 2022 would be challenging for cybersecurity. This was proven true with the countless number of sophisticated high-profile phishing and ransomware attacks like DropBox, Twitter, Rockstar Games and Uber (twice). With the introduction of phishing-as-a-service and other sophisticated toolkits that target weaker forms of 2FA, security teams are now prioritizing phishing


Q&A: Yubico’s SVP Fredrik Krantz on top cybersecurity trends

The world of cybersecurity continues changing rapidly. This has been catalyzed by the sudden shift to remote work, the increasing threat of cybercrime and the complexity of attacks. Understanding the new technological landscape, and what comes next, can be challenging. Hearing from experts who spend their daily lives not only thinking about and facing these


Who can CISOs trust? Sharing information is both essential and a professional hazard

President Biden’s recent executive order on cybersecurity calls on the public sector to work with private companies to create more secure environments and emphasizes the importance of sharing information as a best practice. Many of us may see “information sharing” as a synonym for risk or liability as information sharing requires a lot of caution.