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Strong Authentication for Call Centers

Maximize call center productivity In call centers, using mobile phones for authentication is not optimal given poor levels of security, distractions, and reduced agent productivity. The YubiKey enables strong authentication without a cellular connection, batteries or any other external dependency to operate. Simply plug the key into a USB port on the device, and touch

Authentication for mobile restricted environments

Mobile-free, secure authentication Environments where mobile use is restricted are unable to use most MFA methods such as SMS, mobile authenticator apps or mobile push. The YubiKey offers easy and secure authentication when there is no cellular connection or a mobile device. Webinar: Best practices for securing mobile-restricted environments with MFA Secure Authentication without a


Essentials for Enabling Strong Authentication in Call Centers: Secure access to data. Trusted customer service.

Call center environments can greatly benefit from a secure, yet simple approach to verification.


March 2020 State of Contact Center Technology

Review of the most urgent contact center objectives and opportunities for technology.


Tip-Sheet: YubiKey for Financial Services Call Centers

Ways the YubiKey can enhance Call Center security and compliance in financial services companies.


Securing & Elevating the Remote Agent Experience

The current state of today’s contact center security is particularly vulnerable.