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Examining the CISO agenda in 2021

CISOs are paid to worry, and there’s a lot to worry about in 2021. The recent SolarWinds breach, the Capitol break-in, and a series of high-profile hacks are spurring many enterprises to re-examine their security strategies. We discuss what lies ahead with Yubico’s CISO, Chad Thunberg. Q: What’s top of mind for CISOs in 2021? The SolarWinds


SIM Swap Protecting Against Account Takeover with WebAuthn

Billions of dollars are being stolen annually due to account takeover fraud.

Data Breach

Data breaches by the numbers Proven protection in the most challenging environments

Enable secure privileged access management

Modern privileged access management Privileged access management is critical, as these users are prime targets for cybercriminals. The YubiKey ensures that all privileged users follow a higher bar of security, in turn protecting organizations from account takeovers.

Stop account takeovers

Strong authentication for remote workers

Works with YubiKey: Modernizing Workplace Login Discover the services that help secure the remote workforce.


Facebook making security effortless for employees

Facebook makes security effortless for employees, balancing usability and security


Google defends against account takeovers and reduces IT costs

Google improves security, accelerates productivity, and reduces support costs with the YubiKey.


A CISO’s best advice for protecting a rapidly evolving remote workforce

As Yubico’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), I am responsible for the company’s security, risk management, and compliance programs. I have more than 20 years of experience solving complex security scenarios, but I have yet to encounter the unique landscape that we are collectively facing as IT leaders. Many of my peers and businesses across


5 Ways to Protect Remote Workers From Account Takeover

Join this webinar to learn five critical ways companies can protect their remote workforce from common vulnerabilities.