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2 Step Verification

Learn the definition of 2 Step Verification and get answers to FAQs regarding: What is 2 Step Verification, Benefits of 2SV and 2SV vs 2FA.


YubiKey as a smart card on iOS

Certificate-based smart cards have been one of the most trusted and proven implementations of multi-factor authentication for over 20 years. There’s only one problem… the typical credit card-shaped smart card didn’t work well, if at all, on mobile devices without additional hardware and software.  Today, smart cards come in many form factors, from a credit

Yubico for SMBs

Get started with phishing-resistant YubiKey MFA for your favorite services and applications Small and medium-sized businesses underestimatethe risk of a cybersecurity breach 1 in 3 breaches involved an SMB. 52% of SMBs experienced at least one cyberattack in the last year. Of them, 10% experienced more than 10 cyberattacks. 40% do not have a comprehensive


A Day in the Life: Dispelling the Myths of Mobile Authentication

COVID-19 initiated the most rapid digital transformation ever witnessed—organizations fast-tracked two-factor and multi-factor authentication to transition millions of employees to work from home. But with remote and hybrid work likely to continue in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to step back and ask: is my in-use authentication as secure as I think it is? Is


In passwordless authentication, who is holding the keys?

Strong authentication practices are based on validating a number of authentication factors to a relying party (RP) or identity provider (IDP) to prove you are who the RP expects. Examples of relying parties could be Dropbox or Salesforce. Identity providers, who can also be a relying party that interacts with the authenticator, include Microsoft Azure,


Securing America’s Supply Chain

Learn best practices for the federal government and the energy sector as they modernize security across critical infrastructure and their supply chains.


Nov 4, 2021

Making the internet safer for everyone, one YubiKey at a time

When the internet was designed 30 years ago, security was not a priority as it was primarily created as a way to connect and easily share information with others around the world. Fast forward to today with news of hacks and breaches almost daily, much of the online world is trying to play catch up


Why Financial Services Shouldn’t Wait for Regulators to Address Strong Authentication

Financial institutions face some of the most stringent and complex regulatory requirements, including financial service compliance requirements around authentication. So much so that the financial service industry is broadly considered the gold standard from a compliance perspective. To comply with existing regulations and thwart cyber attacks, financial institutions were early adopters of two-factor authentication (2FA)


SANS 2021 Password Management and Two-Factor Authentication Methods Survey

Read this report to learn about password management and the types of MFA solutions being used in industries

What is Yubico OTP?

How does Yubico verify Yubico OTPs? In order for Yubico OTP to work with YubiCloud (Yubico’s validation service) the information programmed into the YubiKey must also be uploaded to the YubiCloud. As part of the process of manufacturing every YubiKey, a Yubico OTP credential is programmed into slot 1, and its information is also transferred to YubiCloud,